Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can You Relate?

Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

-- Ecclesiastes 4:12

You know who they are.

Maybe they’re a co-worker, neighbor or even your uncle. They’re the ones who always seem to know who to call for impossible situations. Like the time you needed a pair of concert tickets or a decent plumber to fix a broken pipe late on a Sunday night. He (or she) always comes through for you. You won’t soon forget that super mechanic he recommended. And how about that Nintendo Wii he found for your child last year – just when you were sure that all the stores had sold out?

No doubt it’s wise to keep these special folks high on your Christmas card list. They’re the people who know someone who knows someone. Simply put, they have connections.

And so do we as Christ-followers. That’s because ours is a faith that embraces relationship over religion. Specifically, there’s the ultimate parent/child relationship between us and God. It’s a bond only made possible through Jesus’ death on the cross – a punishment that we all rightly deserve for our lifetimes stained by personal failures and shortcomings (collectively known as “sin”). But since we’re connected with the right Person (Jesus), He’s already paid the price to save us from this certain death. Christ has fixed us up so well in fact that we’re now literally heirs to His Father’s Kingdom.

(Talk about connections!)

That’s the primary relationship we enjoy as Christ-followers. But God also wants us to take pleasure in close relationships with travelers on the same faith journey. That means gathering with fellow believers on Sunday mornings to worship, celebrate and praise Him. And then there are those other important occasions like weekly Small Group meetings. They’re friendly, informal get-togethers where Christ-followers and seekers come together to pray, play, learn, laugh and grow. Think of Small Groups as friends in faith that “do church” together in homes throughout our community.

So how are your relationships these days? Do you know someone who knows someone? Are you really connected?

You need to be because Christ-followers weren’t made to go it alone. After all, life is full of breaks, bruises and impossible situations that need fixing. We know we can’t do it ourselves. Which is why it’s so good to know that through Jesus, we don’t have to.

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